As a Car Electronics Specialist, do you...

... take pride in the work you do?
... want a FREE way to get your business found?
... always look to improve your customer service?

If you answered YES to all three then you should ask us if you can be listed on our website. We no longer run as a trade association, there are no membership fees, no catches. It's a free service while we are able to maintain it. It's simply a way to help consumers find specialist car electronics installers across the UK.

This is a FREE service provided by people who have enjoyed working in the industry over many years. There are no tests to do or forms to fill, though we will seek references from industry people if you're not known to us. We do reserve the right to refuse, but if you specialise in supply and installing in-car audio/video equipment, security devices, satellite navigation systems and other electronic driver aids (whether from fixed premises or mobile), you'd be crazy not to ask us for a listing.

We recognise that the way installers work has changed. Mobile fitters were once considered inferior to those with retail premises and on-site workshop but that doesn't necessarily follow. Indeed, today many customers expect you to go to them - being mobile is often perceived as an advantage. With costs of running premises often difficult to sustain, many installers have no option but to go fully mobile. We recognise that does not necessarily have any bearing on the quality of their service and workmanship, and neither does a fixed workshop guarantee better service.

That said, premises show hard evidence of a commitment in the owner's business, and customers need to know they are dealing with a reputable, trustworthy installer. Thus, we have set in place a number of straightforward requirements that must be met by all prospective members on our list. You must:

  • provide us with a personal 'bricks and mortar' address. This need not be published but you must publish in our listing at least a PO Box address or registered office address. A phone number is not enough. Customers need to be confident in knowing they have a route to contacting you if they need to.

  • provide us with two 'referees' or references. These need to be two persons within the industry (not both from the same company), such as a sales manager or area manager of a product supplier, or a product or technical manager. It can also be the owner or principal of a dealership we already list. Ensuring the quality and trustworthiness of those on our network is in everyone's interest.

  • provide evidence of some industry backed training. This could be a certificate of attendance to at least TWO or more industry-recognised installer training sessions (we don't recognise them all, as some are no more than sales talks!), or a single more formal certificate of achievement or qualification, such as an NVQ.

  • That's it! Once accepted, there's no cost to be listed on our website, though ongoing inclusion is always at our discretion. Your free listing includes your full address, a phone number and the online facility for customers to rank you on your service.

    We still have a limited supply of point-of-sale items available. Once these have gone, they're gone! Contact us for further details and prices on the following items:
    Membership plaque White aluminium plate, printed with the InCar Expert logo, mounted on a simulated walnut base. States "Accredited Member" and is signed by the Association's Secretary.
    Hardtop counter mat InCar Expert logo on a white background. Includes a cable length calculator grid for working out current capacity (length v cable gauge). 42cm x 29.7cm.
    InCar Expert Network stickers Self-cling, 17cm x 17cm. Clear background with InCar Expert Installer Network logo in red and blue and 'Accredited Member' in white. Non-adhesive, self-cling PVC allows sticker to be safely mounted on the inside or outside of windows, or on to metal panels (vans, cars).

    Our aim is simple: to promote a national network of independent car electronics installation professionals. Being part of it can only help to promote your business. Email Kevin at the address admin [at]